Unique Design drip tray for Flair pro2 “The cube”
Custom Design drip tray for Flair 58 “The triangle star”
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Unique Design drip tray for Flair pro2 “The triangle star”




Enhancing the beauty and specialty to your coffee corner (or your own personal FLAIR)
This product was designed to be used or substitute with the original grille.

In the past 2 years, I had a chance to get to know manual espresso maker, Flair Pro2
I have been passionately obsessed with brewing coffee from this machine.
Not only the taste of espresso which extracted from this machine, but also the high quality of design and and material. This is the starting point for me to design the new tray by apply my patterned and metal experienced to make it more unique and beautiful.

Material : stainless steel 1 mm. thickness
This item not included the bottom reservoir (Can use together with the original one)

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