The kinu hand coffee grinder be powered by motor

ไอเดียแต่งห้องเช่าแคบให้สวยปัง ด้วยฉากกั้นห้องเหล็กดัด

Changed the hand crank grinder to run on electricity

I’ve been considering this project for a while now. and spent about eight months testing this project in my cafe before finishing it. Up to this point, it has worked flawlessly, and I would like to share with you how to create one.

This project’s concept is really straightforward. Instead of using our hands, the motor will rotate the coffee grinder’s hand crank. I experimented and designed a lot during the beginning stages of building to determine the best approach to archive this.

My quick sketch idea by using wood and steel as a structure.

As you can see from my sketch up top, I made an effort to make use of the materials I already had, but I was forced to reject this idea because I lack the necessary woodwork tools and expertise to complete the project.

Aluminium extrusion is a best friend of DIYer

After doing much research online, I discovered that many do-it-yourselfers used aluminum extrusion extensively in their projects, but for me, this material represents a new learning curve. Fortunately, there is a large store that sells all the supplies for DIY projects and aluminum extrusion just a five-minute trip from my house. Their staff is pleased to assist and offer me guidance on how to choose the materials and components to make my dream a reality at

This overall build in my cafe

Here the list of Aluminium extrusion that I have used for the project

  • 2 pcs. of 20*20 for foot
  • 1 pcs. of 20*80 for the column
  • 2 pcs. of 20*60 for spacer and cross stretcher at the base
    • 90 degree bracket to attached the extrusion to gether

The rest of the component

  • 52 diametre spindle clamp
  • coupling 8 mm.
  • adapter to connect 10 mm. to 8 mm. shaft
  • 2 M8 bolt and nut
  • 6 mm. shaft
  • ac motor 25w with gear 4G 15K

Close up look of the components

As you can see, you can search and purchase practically all of the market-ready components from internet marketplaces like ebay and banggood.

I mentioned almost of the elements, not all:) One component needs customization; it’s the 90-degree motor bracket. which depend on the motor’s kind and diameter. I’m sorry I couldn’t be more detailed in this section, but perhaps you can come up with another way to finish the project.

90 degree motor bracket

In case you find it too boring to turn the crank on your own, that is all there is to the idea for you guys if you want to create your own manual coffee grinder machine. Your reading and sharing are greatly appreciated!!

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