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Hello ! everyone, My blog this week is meant to help those of you who live in a small space or who would just like to have your personal accessories a little  bit more organised with Wall mounted organizer. I really like to use vertical space to maximize the room that is available in a home.

  • Metal wall grids

These are easily purchased from hardware shops or an online store.  Usually they come in black or white but you can quickly spray paint them to suit your colour scheme. If you buy a 3M s-hook they look great on the kitchen or living room wall.

Metal wall gridcredit : DIY Metal Wall Grid from diyinpdx.com

  • Mason jar

These glass jars are typically used to preserve food but you can reuse them for many purposes. If you use the link modernmomlife.com you can try out a DIY project to turn them into a neat  & stylish bathroom organiser.

Mason jar diyCredit : Modernmomlife.com

  • Peg board

These are easy to get from hardware stores which will cut them to size for you. You can use your own creativity to store items  on them or maybe mix with IKEA products.  Just be careful about the weight you ask them  to take as they are made from MDF & maybe not as sturdy as wood .


Credit : cravingsomecreativity.com

  • Wall mounted organizer grilles

Finally, for those of you who are looking for an alternative choice of wall mounted organizer, allow me to introduce my grille products, which are both stylish and yet a perfect solution for hanging all your accessories. My handmade grilles are decorative but are quickly turned into vertical storage solutions.

I can supply wooden hooks from which you can easily hang & display your hats,necklaces,sunglasses,bags & so much more. Don’t ever waste time searching for your keys ever again  !

hooks, wall mounted hanger, jewellry hooks

Do check out this blog on a regular basis as I  hope to offer you a series of modern ideas  to improve your home and living space. Be Creative!!


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